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The Push, Pull, Drag Sale: Showing What Skid Steer Attachments Can Do


In farming, skid steers can do dozens of daily chores and tasks and make short work of them. However, it may be difficult to convince farmers to purchase any skid steer attachment online without showing what the attachments can do. Here are a few modern-day sales tricks that can help.

Demo Videos

Nothing convinces a farmer faster that he/she needs a new skid steer attachment like a demo video. Make sure the demo video is totally relatable. If the attachment is meant to drag something heavy or pull something up, be sure to demonstrate that the attachment can pull a tractor or get a cow to a standing position. You can just see the farmer's face light up, right? Do lots of demo videos for each skid steer attachment or accessory and make sure they each feature a different but applicable use. This will encourage farmers to purchase an attachment based on what they see it do as well as what they need it to do.

Instructional-Use Videos

Farmers will want to know how to put the attachment or accessory on the skid steer. Instructional videos that accompany the product are exactly the ticket. Farmers can see how quickly and easily the attachment/accessory goes on and comes off—a plus for an already extremely busy career. You could either post these with the product online or on a video clip site, and then link them together.

Ask Real Farmers What They Would Do with an Attachment 

Ask real farmers what they would do with each attachment or accessory for the skid steer. Would they use it to push, pull, or drag something, and in what way would they accomplish that? Their answers will help you write good (and convincing!) product descriptions that sound like they are written by other farmers in-the-know. When the ad sounds believable and uses farming lingo and scenarios that are true-to-life, it helps the farmers find the products they really want and even a few they did not know they needed.

Demographics from Polls

Poll farmers across the country regarding an attachment. Do they have it? What have they used it for? What has been the most useful attachment and why? Then create data from these polls and use it to write your ad for a particular attachment. This makes the ad even more convincing to farmers who do not have a specific attachment and are looking to accessorize their skid steer.   

To get more ideas and information on skid steer attachments, check out companies like the Washburn Company.


28 December 2016