Could Your Farm Benefit From A Drip Irrigation System?


Farming—no matter the scale—requires you to constantly monitor the resources you are putting into the ground to ensure that the harvest growing from it is valuable enough to generate a profit. This includes everything from seeds and fertilizers to the labor you invest in sowing your crops. Water is also an important resource, and it is one that has become increasingly expensive in the last decade or so. Thanks to the long-term droughts occurring in several parts of the country and the increased demand growing population centers impose, many farmers are unable to even access enough water to tend their crops—no matter what they are willing to pay.

19 January 2017

3 Signs You Should Buy Commercial Landscaping Equipment For Your Residential Property


When you think about buying a lawn mower or other lawn equipment for your residential property, you might think about going to your local home and garden store to get it. However, there is a chance that buying commercial equipment might be an even better choice, even if you aren't technically going to be doing any commercial jobs with it. These are a few signs that you should consider buying commercial landscaping equipment for your residential property.

9 January 2017