Tips For Buying A New Tractor


A tractor is an essential piece of equipment for a farm. It can be used to do a lot of things like maintain your yard and fields as well as lift and move heavy bundles of hay or feed. There are many choices in tractors, so there is a suitable model for every type of farm. That makes buying the right one for you a little intimidating. Here are some tips for choosing your new tractor.

28 May 2018

3 Things To Check Before Buying A Used Tractor For Your Homestead


The homesteading life is all about sustaining yourself and your family with the land that you have, which usually means you are responsible for growing and maintaining crops, whether it is wheat, vegetables, or otherwise. All this work would be possible without a tractor, but a tractor will definitely make life on the homestead a little easier. Most new homesteaders seek out a used tractor for sale to use on their property but buying used can come along with some concerns.

17 May 2018