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3 Things To Know About Skid Steer Box Graders


Are you interested in a box grader for your skid steer, but don't know much about them? You'll want to know the following things about box graders so you can be more informed when it comes to making a purchase and knowing what you're getting. 

What Is The Purpose Of Box Graders? 

Many people that have private roads have trouble maintaining them. They develop potholes over time, which make the ground uneven to drive on. A box grader will help even out the land and make a dirt road nice and smooth, making it the perfect tool for the job.

What Variations Of Box Graders Are There?

When it comes to variations of box graders from the same manufacturer, you'll typically see that the main differences are in the width of the box grader itself. The width that you need will depend on the ground that you are leveling. If you have a very thin dirt road, you may only need a box grader that matches the width of the road, with one that is too wide being too big for the job. If you are grading a large area, the extra width can really come in handy.

How Do Box Graders Work? 

The box grader will have commercial-grade steel blades on them facing in the forward and reverse directions, which can be quite handy for getting into certain spaces. The blade scrapes against the ground and levels out the dirt in a way that also compacts it at the same time. The blades are great for clearing weeds as well since the front blade will cut weeds and cause them to pass over the top of the blade and rest between the two blades. The box grader then helps grind up what it has captured and deposits it back onto the ground. What you end up with in the end is recirculated gravel that is evenly spread across the surface. 

Box graders are also a great way to fill in potholes without doing it by hand. All of that extra gravel and soil is collected between the blades and can be placed directly above the pothole. You would then lift up the box grader to deposit all of that extra gravel and soil into the pothole. You would then grade the soil like normal, evening out the high spot and compacting the soil into the ground. This will prevent those big dips on the surface that can create a bumpy ride.  

For more info about skid steer box graders, contact a local company. 


21 September 2022