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Horse Hydration Issues? Important Reasons To Consider Installing Automatic Horse Watering Systems


Like humans, horses require plenty of water to maintain a healthy level of hydration. Unlike humans, however, horses are often kept outdoors where harsh seasonal conditions can impact their ability to access the water they need to thrive. For example, horses kept where regional weather conditions include very cold winters or hot summers may have more difficulty accessing a constant supply of the cool, clean water they need for drinking each day.

Horse owners who have struggled in the past to provide constant access to clean water for their animals will want to consider the following information about the benefits of automatic horse water systems. 

Encourages better hydration

Horses must consume many gallons of water each day to maintain their health. Unfortunately, these animals can balk at consuming water from buckets or watering tanks where the water becomes too hot or dirty during warm weather. When winter arrives, water in these containers often freezes, preventing horses from being able to drink. In contrast, an automatic watering system is able to provide horses with fresh, cool water on demand, no matter the weather or season. 

Reduces health risks 

Another important benefit horse owners can enjoy after installing automatic horse watering systems is knowing that the water their animals are drinking is healthier for them than water served up in buckets, tanks, or ponds. When water for horses is provided in large containers or in ponds where it cannot be changed frequently, mosquitos can present a real health risk. 

Mosquito-borne viruses, including West Nile virus and several strains of equine encephalomyelitis, can be transmitted to horses through bites or by consuming the insect's larva deposited in water tanks, ponds, and other standing or slowing moving water sources. Providing horses with an automatic watering system ensures that paddocks, stables, and pastures are free from these water tanks and other sources that attract unhealthy mosquito activity. 

Streamlines daily chores 

When water tanks or buckets are used to provide water to horses, owners or their employees must spend time each day cleaning and refilling the containers for each area where the horses are kept. When automatic watering systems are installed throughout the facility, these time-consuming chores are no longer necessary, leaving owners or their employees more time to devote to other care or maintenance needs. 

If improving access to clean, healthy water by installing automatic horse watering systems is something you would like to do for your equines, contacting a local agricultural equipment supplier in your area is the best way to get the information you need.  For more information on automatic horse waterers, contact a professional near you.


27 July 2022