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3 Hand Tools Used To Handle Cattle


Getting a herd of cattle to go where you want them to can be difficult. Handling livestock requires a lot of knowledge and skill, but it helps to have access to the right tools as well. Various hand tools have been introduced as aids to help people on foot handle cattle more effectively. Learn about these hand tools so that you will be able to utilize them more efficiently with your own cattle in the future.

1. Cattle Prods

Most people are familiar with basic cattle equipment like cattle prods. These hand tools are designed to give a handler more control over the direction in which a cow moves.

When the end of the prod makes contact with the cow, a small electric shock is administered. The shock is uncomfortable to the cow, who turns away from the prod and starts moving in the opposite direction,

Cattle prods come in many different styles and lengths to help you meet your needs. For herds of cattle that are too excited or aggressive to be moved without assistance, a cattle prod could be just the tool needed to calm and focus the herd.

2. Flags

Flags can be very useful hand tools when working with cattle. Ranchers have been using colorful flags to communicate with their cattle for a number of years. Hanging flags near trucks, barns, and alleyways can help you direct cattle away from restricted areas.

A soft fabric flag can also be tied to the end of a flexible pole. These handheld flags can be waved by workers within a herd to move the cattle successfully.

A lot of people prefer to use flags when working with their cattle because these tools do not rely on physical discomfort as a motivator.

3. Rattle Paddles

Whenever you need to separate certain animals from a herd, rattle paddles can come in handy. A rattle paddle is a long stick that is fitted with a plastic paddle on the end.

The plastic paddles come in a wide range of colors that are very noticeable to cattle. Workers can use rattle paddles to create visual barriers that help sort cattle effectively.

Some rattle paddles feature small plastic beads inside the paddle. These beads make an audible noise that, when combined with the visual distraction of the paddle color, can quickly and effortlessly separate a single cow from a larger herd.

Invest in the right tools if you want to handle your cattle more efficiently in the future. 


15 October 2021