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Feeding Your Small Dairy Herd? Tips For Providing Consistent Nutrition For Each Animal


Maintaining the health of your dairy cows is the best way to ensure they will be able to stay productive in a herd environment. Adequate nutrition, delivered in a consistent manner, is known to help dairy cows produce sufficient milk to supply customers or raise a healthy, fast-growing calf, while maintaining their own physical health.

Even more important is the fact that nutrition plays a huge role in the ability of a dairy cow to breed successfully, gestate a growing fetus, and then handle the rigors of calving without experiencing complications. Dairy herd owners who want to bolster herd health and productivity can use these feeding tips to achieve their goals. 

Consider a nutritionally balanced TMR 

A total mixed ration (TMR) can be an important asset for dairy cow owners, especially during conditions that make it difficult for each animal to get the nutrition they need from grazing or hay. Drought, wildfire, and periods of excessive rain or snow can all inhibit the healthy growth of forage and impact the quality of the hay that might be available in the area. 

Using a total mixed ration that includes a nutritionally balanced formula of grains, supplements, and fiber allows each animal to intake the calories and nutrients needed for optimal health. A dairy nutritionist can help dairy herd owners formulate a TMR using locally available ingredients that will be both healthy and affordable for each animal's consumption. 

Discourage bullying at the feeding stations

Formulating a good TMR is only half the battle for those who own or manage dairy animals. Dairy cows are typically large animals that are capable of bullying behavior that can prevent smaller or weaker animals from accessing feed and consuming the amounts they need for maximum health. 

Using large animal automatic feeders in this type of situation can help prevent larger, more dominant cows from crowding out their herd mates. In addition, the use of automated feeding stations can have other benefits for large livestock, including: 

  • timing feed availability to fit well with milking schedules or labor availability
  • enhancing productivity of farm workers by allowing feeders to be filled less often
  • allowing animals to continue to be fed on a regular schedule even when humans are not present to oversee the process 

It can also be easier to feed smaller or weaker animals away from their herd mates and allow them to intake the amount they need in a more peaceful setting through the use of automated feeding stations. 

To learn more about the benefits of large animal automatic feeders for your dairy herd, contact a reputable supplier in your area. 


15 November 2019